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How To Write Compelling Blog Posts That Get Attention

Writing compelling blog posts is one of the most important aspects of blogging -- if not THE most important. It doesn't matter how well you market and drive traffic, if the content stinks it's going to get you nowhere. The good news is that you can learn how to write compelling blog posts that will really draw the attention of your target audience.

There are a few different kinds of posts you might want to create. You can write a pure content post that is well-written and contains incredibly helpful information. Another option is to look at the news results for your niche in Google news. Capitalize on the trends by posting high quality opinion pieces on what's being reported. Yet another option is to write product reviews to help people make buying decisions.

These all have a place on your blog, and all three types are things that visitors look for. It's important to know the differences between them, but it's also important to understand how they are all the same. It comes down to the A.I.D.A formula.


The first thing you need to pay attention to in your blog posts is how the reader's attention will be captured right off the bat. You can do this with a great headline and a great first few sentences that really suck the reader in.


You really only have 10 seconds to keep someone's attention going as they read through your post. Remember, people are very busy these days and they've got a million other blogs to read. Keep your article interesting and focused on the aim of the post (informational, newsworthy, review, etc.). Make sure your writing isn't dry!


Now, this section changes depending on your goal. If you are writing a review article as an affiliate you're going to want to create a very strong desire for the product or service. If you're writing an article that is purely informational you can still use this principle, just in a different way. You still want to stir people's emotions and get them to think.


This last piece is very important. There is always something you want people to do on your blog. You either want them to buy something, comment, or sign up for your list. You don't want them to just go away! Make sure you include a call to action that is related to the post you've created. This fits best when you're selling a product or writing a review, but it certainly works with any post you make on your blog. A huge part of being a successful blogger is getting people "stick around" and take some kind of action.

There are many different ways to write compelling blog posts, but the AIDA principle is something they all have in common. People move quickly on the web, so you need to write something that will call out to them and possibly stir their emotions.

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