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How To Choose Top Converting Affiliate Programs For Your Blog

Many people have had the issue where they choose some affiliate products to promote, only to find that the traffic is there but the sales aren't. There is nothing more frustrating! The best way to prevent this from happening in the future is to make sure you are choosing the right affiliate products from the start.

It can feel like you need to be psychic to figure this out. Luckily, there are many tools at your disposal -- no special powers needed! These tools are also free, and can help you immensely when it comes to choosing profitable affiliate products.

The first thing you need to do is some market research. Search around on the Internet to find where people in your niche hang out. The chances are good that you'll find a forum or message board, You can read through these posts to see what kind of product these people would be most interested in.

You see, some markets are better suited to digital products. Other markets are much more attuned with physical products. This is very important for you to know so you always choose the right kind of product.

You can take this a step further by "spying" on your competition. If there is a major blog in your niche you should go look through it. Figure out what they are promoting and how they are doing it. You can't be sure, but the chances are good that if they are established and highly ranked they have done a lot of market research themselves. You can simply use this data to help you figure out what the best fit for your site will be. Remember, a product that is not targeted will make far less sales (if any) than one that is targeted.

After you've decided exactly what kind of affiliate product to promote you can start to look into the specific product or affiliate network. Many of the networks will give you some kind of data that you can use to figure out if it's an offer that sells (look at present and historical data). It is important to remember there are many variables that go into these numbers, so use them as a guideline.

Once you think you've chosen a good product you should look at their sales page or website.

The site should:

  • Have well-written copy
  • Have symbols of trust (verification signs, trusted company logos, etc.)
  • Include a Phone number (increases trust)
  • Have few distractions (increases conversions)

The site you link to can truly either make or break you! Even if you've done a good job of pre-selling the product (described below), the customer will ultimately make her decision based on the sales page and whether or not she things it's a good offer.

Last but not least, you need to do a good job of pre-selling the product. That means letting your visitors know that this is a great product for them by either showcasing banners on your site, writing a review about it, etc. In order to learn how to write a good presell, you should consider learning the basics of good copywriting.

When you put all these pieces together you'll have a much easier time making great affiliate sales on your blog!

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