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Blogging Has Changed - Have You Made These Changes?

When blogging first became popular it was incredibly easy to just throw up some posts, get indexed, and make some money. In fact, a lot of pros were just creating free blogs that made money left and right. Well, these times are 'a changin', so you better change with them if you want to make some great cash with your blogs.

The first thing that has changed is the way the search engines view blogs. When they were relatively new, it excited the engines because they found freshly updated content everywhere they turned. This was great for a while, but the search engines soon caught on. You see, people began to just set up "splogs" all over the place. The fact that it is a blog doesn't mean it's quality. There are still people to this day who think that splogging is the way to go, but you're going to build a real business that will create lasting income.

The second thing about blogging that has changed is the ease with which you can get noticed. In the early years it was easy to become top dog blogger in your niche because there weren't that many of them out there. These days everyone seems to have a blog. That means it can get pretty darn crowded when you're trying to make a splash.

That doesn't mean you should just throw in the towel just because there are so many other blogs! All it means is that you need to step up your game. Think about what it is that makes your blog unique. Consider what you're going to do to get your visitors to come back and visit time and time again. Standing out from the crowd is a must these days.

The third thing that has changed about blogging are the monetization options. Gone are the days where you can just slap some Adsense up on your blog and expect to make a lot of money. It can be a little bit more difficult to make money (depending on who you ask), but when you find what's right for your market the returns can actually be a lot higher than they used to be.

Finally, the role of the blog has changed. It used to be that people would just gather samples of everything they found on the web and comment on them -- a "weblog." These days a blog can be a verifiable portal of great content and information all on its own.

If you're just relying on commentary of other sites and products to keep yourself going, it's time to step your game up. It's always better to write compelling, thoughtful blog posts that will capture people's attention. You're not just reporting on the game other people are playing, you're inventing the game as you go.

Methods and techniques in Internet marketing don't tend to stay static for very long. If you want to be a successful blogger you have to be sure you're standing out.

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