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How To Get More People Commenting On Your Blog

Getting people to comment on your blog is often one of the most challenging parts of being a blogger. Even if you're seeing a lot of great traffic, that doesn't mean that people are going to take time out of their day to comment. You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make it happen; but when you do it will be well worth it because the comments will start pouring in almost immediately!

There are only a few reasons people will stop to comment on blogs:

1. They disagree with what you had to say
2. They get something out of it intrinsically
3. They get something out of it externally

The first one is really referring to those "linkbait" posts. Writing these is a great way to get people to comment on your blog. These are basically content pieces that stir something up in people that compels them to argue, agree, or just share their thoughts. These are often controversial postings that are written either because you feel strongly about something or you are hoping to generate some great discussion amongst the members in your niche. Either way, these post can be gold when used in the right way. They attract people to your blog like a magnet.

The second reason people comment is because they get something out of it intrinsically. This basically means they just feel good by posting (or need to get something off their chest), or want to congratulate you for a job well done. That is a huge reason why having great content needs to be such a large focus of yours.

The third reason people comment on blogs is because they get something out of it externally. That means that they get some kind of prize or reward for their comments. For example, you might post that the first person who can answer X question will win a prize. Or, you might ask them for their thoughts on something and you'll pick the best one to give the prize to. No matter how you do it, these eternal rewards are a no-fail way of getting people to comment on your blog.

There is just something about getting things for free that people can't seem to get enough of! You should always make your prize good so that people will want it, but you'll find folks going crazy over the simplest prizes around. You could run one of these every month, or even every week. If you do them at random times you'll have people stopping by all the time to see when your next giveaway will be. This creates a great community full of people who are eager for your next post --- and soon enough it won't be just because they might win something!

As you can see, it's easy to get people to comment on your blog if you understand the reasons why people comment in the first place. It's all about keeping those future commentators in your mind as you plan your content.

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